Our Company

Dominion Energy Processing Group, Inc. (DEPGI), established as a Canadian corporation in August of 2016, for the purpose of developing Hydrocarbon processing facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Dominion Energy has devoted the past three years to build relationships with local and provincial governments in support of our corporate endeavours.
As a result of a feasibility study and further due diligence, DEPGI is proposing a refinery facility sized at 42,000 barrels per day, utilizing local crude suppliers in this region of Saskatchewan, blending Bakken sweet crude and Three Forks’ formations will produce high performance patented finished commodities for the regional market place.
This Refinery will be targeted as our first “Design one build many” concept, allowing our engineering teams to utilize technical equipment and automation control systems to produce consistent superior blended fuels beyond the next several decades.

Board of Directors

Jeffery J. Mallmes
Chairman and President
Mr. Mallmes is highly recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, community advocate, and political change agent.
As a prolific entrepreneur Mr. Mallmes successfully owned, operated and financially backed several profitable and growth oriented corporations in Western Canada. From his origins in the welding, fabrication, and auto parts businesses, under Mr. Mallmes leadership and direction he has contributed toward major infrastructure expansion in the civil, industrial, and oil & gas sectors in British Columbia and Alberta.
The past 35 years of private sector success has now allowed Mr. Mallmes to enter the public sector as an elected official working with local government. His platform focuses on economic development through fiscally responsible capital projects and community driven initiatives including, researching and building district energy systems, establishing advanced technology to improve forest conservation (Community Forest), developing water shed modules, and working with local stakeholders building affordable homes for Canadian Veterans.
Mr. Mallmes will support Quantum Energy’s efforts in growth and development drawing from his entrepreneurial accomplishments, business acumen and investor prowess. His unique skill sets will be a great asset to the success of Quantum, and each operating subsidiary. His proven methodologies for sustainable business growth and profitability, will guide the corporation to financial prosperity. His background in the public sector, and its consensus environment, coupled with experience working with First Nations, will enable Quantum to effectively balance strategic business objectives with corporate social responsibility.


Dominion Energy Processing Group is a subsidiary of Quantum Energy Inc. (OTC: QEGY)